(This recommendation was posted 6/2002 on IAMLDS.com
by Ryan Morrison, WebMaster)

Review: SoftLore's Scriptorian

I downloaded a copy of Scriptorian today and began playing, I have always loved scripture study but like a lot of people find it difficult to remember scriptures, I was never quite up to speed in seminary possibly more to do with my staying up late the night before than ability, but hey! I was a teenager.

The first thing I noticed about Scriptorian was its fast, user friendly interface, there is plenty of readily available help to guide you through the program including a pop up help system and startup tips. I am going to start by giving you a basic run through of just one of the many things you can do with this program.

You begin with a Study List, to start with it comes with the quad plus Articles of Faith, select the book you want to study, in this case I choose the Articles of Faith and you are given a list of options, each a chapter within the articles of faith. You select one and you are shown that verse with words missing, fill in the words and see how well you know your scriptures.

There are many things you can do with Scriptorian, create your own study guides, race against the clock and much more, all the way you have a lot of help and it really is a wonderful way of memorizing the scriptures.
The one thing that did throw me to start with was spelling, I being British and spelling funny found myself being caught out on a number of words due to the difference between British and American English. Other than that Scriptorian is a great way to memorize scriptures, use it for seminary, heaven knows I wish I had it back then, use it in personal scripture study, even use it in family study, play games racing against each other to see who can find what the fastest.

5 thumbs up . Um make that 1 thumb and four fingers up for a great program to help LDS members learn the word of God. We can get back to heavenly father by studying and following the road map he has given us (the scriptures) Scriptorian really does provide a wonderful aid in doing just that, learn, memorize, understand then return.

To find out more about Scriptorian, download a trial version or by the full version for less than $30 visit softlores website at www.softlore.com.

Ryan Morrison

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