(This recommendation was posted 3/11/2002 on LDSReference.com
by Jacob Allred, Senior Editor)

Review: SoftLore's Scriptorian

The prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have always taught to be conversant in the scriptures. The seminary program even has lists of "scripture mastery" scriptures that are considered the most valuable to be memorized. But sometimes it can be hard, and time consuming, to memorize all these scriptures. Thanks to the help of SoftLore's Scriptorian software, you can easily and quickly memorize the scripture mastery lists, your favorite scriptures, and even your Spanish homework!

The Scriptorian software can be used in many ways. You start by opening one of the pre-loaded study lists, or you can create your own. When you set the program to "learn mode" it will start by showing you the entire scripture, and then it will take a few words out that you have to fill in, and then a few more, and keep doing this until you have to fill in the entire verse. This system of repetition is very effective.

If you want to memorize where the various verses are within the scriptures, you can use the Scriptorian software's chase feature. This will display the text of the scripture and a list of possible verses, and you have to choose which verse matches the scripture.

With the new youth programs, such as the priesthood Duty to God Award, the Church has asked that the youth memorize certain scriptures, such as D&C 4 and the Articles of Faith. By spending a few minutes each day using Scriptorian you will quickly be able to memorize those scriptures and advance in the Church programs.

With many free downloadable study lists and the option of creating your own, this program will never lose its usefulness. Learn more about Scriptorian and download a free fully functional 30-day evaluation version: Click to Download.

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