(This recommendation was released on 10/27/2001 by Meridian Magazine)

Meridian's Saturday Send--'Scriptorian'
Saturday, October 27, 2001--Washington D.C.

Recommendation from Maurine Proctor,
Editor-in-Chief of Meridian Magazine

Software that helps you learn and remember the scriptures

Every morning at 5:00, my alarm goes off and by 6:00 I am at church teaching early morning seminary. Except for the dull head from too little sleep, I love this job because I love my students, but I am always asking myself­has my teaching been effective? Years after they and I have made this sacrifice to gather together in the dark of an early morning, what will stay in their hearts and minds?

I know at least one thing will-the scriptures they have memorized. I can pull to my mind at any time Nephi’s words, “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded...” because I memorized it in my youth, and since then I have remembered the words at important moments when I needed them.

Now there is a new software tool to help all of us­including youth­to memorize scriptures and remember where they are. Called Scriptorian, it is easy to load on your computer and it’s so entertaining, it makes it fun and easy to learn. I plan to use it to stay ahead of my seminary students this year, and think our children and my husband will enjoy it for recreation on the computer as well.

If used regularly, along with daily scripture study, Scriptorian is a spiritual exercise machine (without the pain!) that helps increase spiritual toning. With Scriptorian, when you read something that impresses you from the scriptures, you can now easily learn it and remember it. It's a great tool for moving the words of scripture from the page to the heart.

The “Quote It” feature on Scriptorian takes away words of scripture as you learn and will prompt you with a letter or word if you need it. The Chase feature helps you remember where verses are found. Both can be customized to your learning pace and style. If you are at your computer quite a bit, you'll find Scriptorian's Pop Up mode to be a great tool for reviewing what you have learned.

Unlike other software packages, Scriptorian allows you to choose what you want to learn. Since it includes all of the LDS scriptures, you can easily select the verses you want and put them into your own "study list". You can create and use your own study lists, the ones supplied with the program, or one of the many lists that are being regularly added and made available (for free!) from the SoftLore website. In fact, when you check what's available from the SoftLore web site, you'll find that Scriptorian isn't just for scriptures. It can be used to learn favorite quotes, words of hymns, facts and trivia, and more. Because of its versatility, Scriptorian is a useful addition to anyone's software library.

SoftLore has made a free demo version of Scriptorian available from their web site so you can check it out and see what it can do. Scriptorian sells for $29.95 and can be purchased directly from the SoftLore web site or from many stores that carry LDS products. To buy your own copy of Scriptorian, or to try it for free, just visit the SoftLore web site.

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