About SoftLore, LLC

SoftLore, LLC was founded to fulfill our desire to produce and distribute software that would help people memorize and learn the scriptures, as well as other valuable and inspirational topics. We wanted to produce quality software that makes a difference for people.

The idea for Scriptorian was born over a decade ago. It materialized in the form of a DOS shareware program. Despite the absence of the internet to provide easy access, and no marketing or advertising budget, the DOS program still enjoyed moderate success among shareware users.

Scriptorian 3.0 now provides greater access for quick updates and feature additions with greater usability. As always, we will continue to provide free updates to the program and free study lists and libraries to download. We hope you enjoy using this unique and powerful learning tool.

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If you have questions regarding SoftLore or Scriptorian, please contact us.
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