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"Just wanted to say thanks for a great program. My religion teacher recommended we look at if for some scriptures we are learning in class. Man- I wish I would have known about this program a few years ago before I went on my mission and when I was going through seminary."

"[Scriptorian] is a great program and has helped me and my seminary students to practice and learn the scripture mastery. The part that helped the most for us was the typing in the missing words, after a few times we could all quote the scripture and in the first week we had the 25 scriptures mastered. Thanx again for a great bit of software."

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"I teach seminary and recommend it to the parents every year and to new teachers also."

"Just got a new Palm Pilot, and this is one program I have to put back on. I've recommended this to half a dozen friends, including two seminary teachers, and everyone has remarked that it's one of the two or three best scripture study tools they've ever seen. My palm allows me to study scriptures and scripture chains at work during breaks or lunch without having to bring scriptures to work - a major plus!
I've always loved to memorize the scriptures as I study them, and Scriptorian, plus the extension for the Palm Pilot, makes it much easier. I've got friends of mine who dismiss it with a casual "Well, I'm no scriptorian," like it was an inborn gift to wake up one day and have 100+ scriptures memorized. Well, it wasn't for me, either. It's been years of work and study, and like anything else, if you're willing to put in the work and study, there will be benefits and blessings. I've got a firm testimony of that! But the best part is now, I can help my early-morning Seminary-aged children work on their Scripture mastery in a way that leaves their classmates wondering how they did it.
Thanks again for such a superior product. Scriptorian should be mandatory for each and every LDS home with a computer!"

"I have found the program very helpful. As a seminary teacher it helped me learn the 25 scripture mastery scriptures for the New Testament in 10 days. Much better than what I did last year."

"I did want to take the time to again thank you for such a wonderful program. I use it to stay sharp on my Scripture Mastery scriptures, as well as being able to plug in my own that relate to the Gospel Doctrine classes I teach. I've always been able to memorize things quickly and easily, but this program has greatly expanded my range and abilities."

"I just want to extend my warmest thanks and appreciation to all the people involved in the development of this software. It is GREAT and a very PERFECT TOOL to help us, those in the missionary preparation stage, to memorize the scriptures. Truly, a very unique and exciting way of learning."

"I was asked to find a way to help our seminary class to do better in their memorization and scripture chase contest with the rest of our stake. This is definitely the answer! I am very impressed with your program. In fact, I did not hesitate to purchase my own copy."

"I just downloaded the free thirty day trial and I want to tell you that in ten minutes I am hooked. I was one of the top Elders in my mission for the number of Scriptures memorized but memorizing is really difficult for me. I was only able to memorize so many because I would take them around with me on three by five cards and glance at them while for days on days. It took me longer then most to memorize a scripture because my concentration is limited. With this mode I learned a scriptures in a hundredth of the time it took me before and in a hundredth of the effort. One of my favorite talks is the one you quoted on the site by Sterling w. Sill, "transfusion". As I have memorized scriptures and poems they have become a part of me and infused me with power in times of need. Thanks for making this product and I will be sure to purchase this when the 30 days are up."

"I love your program. Always wanted to memorize the scriptures but never found the time nor patience. Your methods should prove valuable."

"I am a Seminary teacher and I LOVE having Scriptorian for my PDA. So far, I am getting a handle on the Old Testament verses. Thank you so much!!!!!"

"Just five minutes of Scriptorian a night has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you for this wonderful tool!"

"Your program has been absolutely amazing. I have learned so much so quickly. Thank you so much for creating software that really makes a difference in people's lives."

"This is wonderful! We memorize scriptures and hymns in Morning Devotional, but when I tried Complete Fill-in on the hymn that we had just memorized, I found out that I didn't know it quite so well as I'd thought. At that point, I was sold. It worked for solidifying the Articles of Faith for my children (who also thought they already knew them) as well. And it is wonderful for spelling practice, too."

"Scriptorian is a wonderful program and a great tool. I used the trial version, memorized all the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Scriptures, then bought the full program because it was so effective. There is a lot of power in committing the scriptures to memory. I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

"Saw it on LDS internet site, downloaded the free trial, liked it so much I bought it! This is a great product! Thank you for making this available!"

"I just purchased this program and am very excited by its potential. I've been looking for software such as this for years, and am excited to finally get it."

"[Scriptorian] has been a great help in my classes the last few years. I have been an early AM teacher for 11 years and I wish I had had it sooner."

"Wow this software is really helping me learn my scripture mastery. Thanks to your software I have ten scripture mastery verses left to go and it has been only a week!!"

"This program is great! I have been using Scripture Mastery with my seminary class, but although it is "fun" it doesn't really help them memorize. In less than a week I am very very familiar with the scriptures for this year..."

"Kids love it. It has helped them to learn their Articles of Faith and taught them new words and how to spell them. I use it to learn my medical words as well as scripture."

"Very fine product and an essential for those wanting to learn the scriptures and include them in their daily lives"

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful program. My son and I love it and use it as a Family Home Evening Challenge game. Believe me, anything that can keep a 19 yr old and his mom entertained together is a very good thing!"

"Exciting product! I am finally able to learn the scriptures!"

"I love it; I have trouble memorizing anything and in 3 days I have 4 scriptures memorized!"

"Thank you for Scriptorian. It really has been helpful to me; a day rarely passes by before I get to memorize a new verse! It is great!"

"I love the way Scriptorian walked me through the download and is teaching me how to use the program. You have done an excellent job!!
And best of all, I have so much fun! I love the scriptures and have memorized in the past, but have never enjoyed it so much. Thank you for Scriptorian!"

"I am very excited about this program! Never has memorizing been so fun!"

"I can honestly say that Scriptorian is the best software purchase I have ever made. I have tried to memorize scripture references for quite some years now and until recently it had always been a challenge to "test" my knowledge. Your program is truly magnificent! Thank you so much."

"Absolutely fantastic software! I'm very pleased with it."

"We love Scriptorian. I have always loved learning the scriptures. I'm hoping to recapture all those seminary scriptures and then go on to learn many more. The Pop-Up is marvelous. Even my husband likes it - it just pops up while he is working. During the trial period, we rememorized all the Articles of Faith. Now we're onto the first set of seminary scriptures. Thanks so much for developing software that really helps us!"

"I am a Seminary teacher, with my own two teenagers in my class, and they are the champs at Scripture Mastery because of your program. Thank You!"

"I LOVE Scriptorian... Wanted to let you know that we don't use the program to anywhere it's full capabilities, but it's GREAT for our homeschooling use and I love it as an appropriate Sabbath afternoon activity, along with Oregon Trail, so if it served NO other purpose around here- that would be plenty."

"I have found Scriptorian so helpful - that I'm recommending it to all of our Stake Seminary teachers. It's by far the best software I've seen for help on memorization of the scriptures."

"I was a bit skeptical at first, but it is a great product and really does help one memorize scriptures or other passages."

"I love Scriptorian!!!!! Nothing that I know of has been wrong with it. I use it every day, and it really helps a lot with Scripture Mastery for Seminary. Thank you so much for making it!!!!"

"Thank you for a wonderful program. I have been using it several times a day since I first downloaded your 30 day trial. I was so impressed with it, that I have already ordered and downloaded the full version of the program. I have had success learning the 13 Articles of Faith, and it's only taken me 5 days to do it! I have introduced it to my oldest grandson who will be 8 years old in April of 2000 and he is learning the Articles of Faith along with me. Thanks again for an easy way to learn and appreciate the Scriptures."

"Just a quick note to let you know our entire family is really enjoying this software... My children are always playing on it learning their Articles of Faith and working on Book of Mormon scriptures. Thank you for such a great program. We show it to whomever comes into our home and the reaction is always positive!"

"I love it. It has enforced my reading scriptures once again on a daily basis. I love the little pop up quizzes and I am truly learning by using it. Right now I am working on the Articles of Faith, because I am in charge of Primary Achievement Days as my calling... I am using it in conjunction with the LDS Infobase Software Program, and it is a perfect companion. Thanks for making it available, and making it so simple to use".

"I received the download, I loved it, I bought 1 for myself and 2 for friends! Great job! It is like having Dr Skousen's "fill in the blank" method of teaching (that works marvelously) all over again - only better because you have it for all the standard works! Keep up the good work!"

"It is a truly wonderful product! Having been baptised when I was 23 I missed out on the opportunities to attend seminary and institute that our youth are blessed to be able to participate in. Your wonderful product is helping me build within my heart and mind treasures that I have been lacking and longing for. Loaded on my PC at work every hour a scripture will pop up on my screen. This is a seemingly effortless way to memorise these pearls of wisdom and knowledge - not to mention a great missionary tool. Eternally grateful"

"My daughter is trying to finish learning her Articles of Faith, so I downloaded the Articles of Faith demo. It is great! She has memorized several Articles of Faith in just the few days we have had it!"

"Received the download and have enjoyed it all month. Bought a copy for each of my two sisters for Christmas. Now that my 'evaluation copy' has expired, I plan to buy a copy for myself as well. Thanks so much for a wonderful learning tool. "

"Great Program! Ever since I returned from my mission I have been wanting to write this program. I am glad it finally got written, even if I didn't write it."

"As a former seminary student and teacher, and current Institute Instructor, I found Scriptorian most useful! I just wish that I would have had access to it while I was teaching seminary and trying to help my students learn their scripture mastery verses! What a remarkable program that every seminary student should have in their home! Thanks for such a great program!"

"My family and I loved this program and would most definitely like to purchase
it. I wish I had one like this years ago - both when the older children were
in Seminary, AND when I was teaching it. Congratulations to you for a
wonderful teaching tool for the whole family!!!"

"I went through the tutorial in about 20 minutes. Immediately following the tutorial, I began creating my own scripture list and practicing the scriptures using the varied features of this program. I especially enjoyed the "Quote-it" feature which let me practice filling in missing words on some of my favorite scriptures. I was surprised that I stumbled on several of the scriptures that I thought I knew word perfect.
I told our eleven-year old daughter about Scriptorian and asked her if she wanted to sit down and give it a try. After showing her quickly how to add a scripture to a list, she was able to add all thirteen Articles of Faith to create her own scripture mastery list. She used the "quote it" feature of Scriptorian to learn and practice the Articles of Faith without any help from me. That same day, one of her friends sat down, and with just a few instructions from our daughter was immediately practicing the thirteen Articles of Faith as well. Our daughter said it was really fun using Scriptorian because soon she will be in Young Womens, and it will be easier to learn and recite lots of scriptures.
Thanks for a fun and very user friendly piece of software which really has the potential to help us learn the scriptures. We look forward to using it."

"As a church leader I have often wanted to be able to quote that relevant scripture; Scriptorian now makes this possible."

"I REALLY like the Scriptorian program. I downloaded the software, installed it, and forgot about it. 15 minutes later, the pop-up came up, and I immediately wanted to make my own study list and use it. It took some searching and help menus to figure it out, but I got it up and going and really like it. I created a pop-up list of scriptures that focus on my personal goals. When I am caught up in the demands at work and get distracted from my goals, Scriptorian gives me quick reminders throughout the day of the important things in life.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed using the new Scriptorian program. I am a seminary teacher and should have been able to whip right through the program. But in using the "fill in the blank" game, I realized I too needed some brushing up and found this program to be very helpful. It was fun to check myself and see where I succeeded as well as where I needed more review. I would love to have all my students have this program to help them memorize these key verses.
Also, I loved the chasing game! I found myself playing it over and over! This would be so fun for my students to test themselves with. I am excited about his program and know that the more I play with it, the better my memory will become of these verses, not only in finding them, but in understanding the principles of these scriptures."

"The program would pop up scriptures at random, even when I was working on something else. It was a very welcome break. If I didn't want the pop up windows, I could easily turn it off. It is very effective as a scripture mastery tool. I would also like to try it with non-scriptures. Memorizing vocabulary? Famous speeches? Poems?"

"Last year I just couldn't make myself memorize all of the seminary scriptures, with Scriptorian I'm having fun learning them."

"Scriptorian is the best scripture mastery tool I have ever seen. I give it 5 stars.
I really like the Pop up feature. Completing a scripture popup every few minutes helps me to stay focused on things that are important and meaningful.
I also like the Chase and fill in features. I have always wanted to improve my ability to memorize a few of my favorite scriptures. The chase and fill in features have not only helped me with memorizing my favorite scriptures but also have helped me to recognize scripture references. I wish I could have had this for "Scripture chase in Seminary" It would have been a huge advantage.
The tutorial was easy to use and informative. I would recommend it to all users. In a user friendly way it taught me several new tricks and useful ways to use Scriptorian. I give it an A+."

"I find Scriptorian to be a very useful tool for memorizing scriptures. It's one thing to voice a scripture, but it's much more precise to write it out and have a means to check exactly what you write. I appreciate the ease of building a personal library for scriptures and also the ability to add other text such as quotes from authors, prophets, etc."


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