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30 Day Evaluation Version (version 3.0 for Windows)

30 Day Evaluation:
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(~5.5MB file size)
Select this download to use Scriptorian with all of its features and flexibility for 30 days: create your own study lists, download and use additional files from our web site, print to notecards... you can do it all. Included with this download are the Articles of Faith and seminary scripture mastery study lists.
Note: If you have previously downloaded the version 3.0 evaluation and already used up your 30 day evaluation period, downloading the file again will NOT reset the evaluation period. Instead, you may want to try the Articles of Faith demo version below, or contact support
Windows System Requirements

Articles of Faith Demo Version (for Windows)

Download Articles
of Faith Demo:
click here

(~1MB file size)
This demo is much smaller in size and will download quicker. It demonstrates many of Scriptorian's features using the Articles of Faith study list. It will not expire and can therefore be used indefinitely. However, several of Scriptorian's useful features (such as creating your own study lists or accessing all of the scriptures) are not available in this version.
Windows System Requirements

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