Missionary Lesson Scriptures

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Description: These study lists contain many of the suggested scriptures listed in the scripture study sections of the five missionary lessons found in the "Preach My Gospel" guide to missionary service. Missionaries are encouraged to memorize scriptures to use when teaching the doctrines found in the missionary lessons. The verses contained in the Missionary Lesson Scriptures study lists will help to build this doctrinal foundation.

misscr1.qlb contains scriptures associated with the first lesson, misscr2.qlb for the second lesson, and so forth. As you learn and study the doctrines presented in the missionary lessons, you may choose to modify these study lists by including additional verses of your own.

Suggested Usage: Use Quote It to help you memorize the scriptures. If the scripture is new to you, try using Quote It Learn mode to help you learn it quicker. You may want to work on memorizing only a few scriptures at a time by copying them into a new list and building up that list as you learn each one. If you don't want to memorize them word for word, but want to be familiar with their content, Quote It's fill in the blank mode should be sufficient.

Use Chase to identify the scripture reference with the content. This is useful for scriptures that you may choose not to memorize, but would like to remember their location for easy look up.

The "Preach My Gospel - Learning the Missionary Lessons" page also includes suggestions for how to learn the missionary lessons and scriptures.

Download and import:

  1. Click on one of the links above (i.e. misscr1.qlb) to download the export library file to your computer (please remember where you downloaded the file to). Locate the file on your computer and make sure it downloaded correctly by verifying the corresponding file size as noted above.
  2. Open Scriptorian to import the file (The downloaded file is in an exported format, requiring it to be imported into Scriptorian before it can be used.)
  3. Open the Import dialog (select Study List, then Import Study List from the main menu).
  4. For Import Source, enter the path and name of the library export file. If you can't remember the exact location of the file, click on the folder button to the right of the edit field to use the Search dialog to help you locate the file.
  5. Once the file is selected, the study list name should appear in the Study List Name field. You may change this name if you like. If nothing appears in the Destination Lib edit field, enter a name for a library to import to (e.g. type "My Import Library"). Press OK to import the study list file. A message will appear when the study list is successfully imported. If you have difficulty importing the file, consult the Scriptorian help file for additional import information, or contact us at Support@SoftLore.com.
  6. Once the study list is imported, go to the Select Study List dialog to open and use the study list.

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