"For the Strength of Youth"
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"For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet (fsy.qlb)
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"For the Strength of Youth" summary (fsy_summ.qlb)
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taught in the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet

Description: In the October 2001 General Conference, church leaders announced a newly revised and updated "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet. These study lists contain the updated information found in the newly revised version of this pamphlet. These study lists will be useful for youth, parents and youth leaders. (The new "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet also includes two declarations which are not included in this study list. However, you can download them separately if you wish: "The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles" and "The Family: A Proclamation to the World")

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The full pamphlet version contains the complete text found in the pamphlet, as well as Linx Topix for the scriptures and summaries associated with each topic. This list includes an outline, and each section of the entire pamphlet, as a separate study item. The study list is set to use Quote It's sequential feature. This means that Quote It will present the list's items in the same order as they appear in the study list. The order of the study list is to first learn the pamphlet outline, then each section in order.

The summary study list contains the topic summaries as found in the "wallet" version of the pamphlet. It also has each section separated out as a separate study item, and is set to use Quote It's sequential feature.

(Note: If you are interested in downloading the original "For the Strength of Youth" study list, click here. The file size for this study list is 37,831 bytes)

Suggested Usage: The best way to use this list is to use Quote It (There is limited value in using Chase with this list). Start by learning the key concepts of the declaration as noted in the first "outline" study item. Next, you might want to learn the summary of each section by focusing on the information contained in the Linx Topix (or just learn the study items in the summary study list version). To use the Linx Topix, set the Quote It Linx options in the Study List Options dialog to use only the Linx Topix information. You can work on only the first few sections at first and then after a few sessions, when you start feeling comfortable with the sections you have learned, proceed a little farther into the list. As you get farther into the list, you may want to skip over the first items and spend your time working on the later ones (but don't forget to occasionally review all the sections you have learned). When you feel comfortable with all the summary information, you can then repeat the same process to memorize the complete text of each section or maybe only those sections of particular interest. Or you may choose not to memorize it, but use Quote It to study and review the content (as mentioned in the tips section of the March/April 2001 newsletter).

Download and import:

  1. Click on the fsy.qlb (fsy_summ.qlb) link above to download the "For the Strength of Youth" export library file to your computer (please remember where you downloaded the file to). Locate the file on your computer and make sure it downloaded correctly by verifying the file size as noted above.
  2. Open Scriptorian to import the file (The fsy.qlb file is in an exported format, requiring it to be imported into Scriptorian before it can be used. If you do not have Scriptorian, click here to download the free trial version.)
  3. Open the Import dialog (select Study List, then Import Study List from the main menu).
  4. For Import Source, enter the path and name of the library export file (fsy.qlb) If you can't remember the exact location of the file, click on the folder button to the right of the edit field to use the Search dialog to help you locate the file.
  5. Once the file is selected, the study list name should appear in the Study List Name field. You may change this name if you like. If nothing appears in the Destination Lib edit field, enter a name for a library to import to (e.g. type "My Library"). Press OK to import the study list file. A message will appear when the study list is successfully imported. If you have difficulty importing the file, consult the Scriptorian help file for additional import information, or contact us at Support@SoftLore.com.
  6. Once the study list is imported, go to the Select Study List dialog to open and use the study list.

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