Scriptorian: The scripture mastery program
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LDS Scripture
Mastery Program
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Scripture software
for the
entire family!
The perfect addition to your LDS software library!

"Thanks to... Scriptorian software, you can easily and quickly memorize the scripture mastery lists, your favorite scriptures, and even your Spanish homework!... this program will never lose its usefulness."
   Jacob Allred,
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LDSWorld-Gems Recommendation

Meridian Magazine Recommendation
"5 thumbs up...
a great program to help LDS
members learn the word of God."

   Ryan Morrison,
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MissionaryWorld Recommendation

BellaOnLine's LDS Host Recommendation

About Scriptorian
Want your primary child to
     learn the Articles of Faith?
Want your seminary student to
     learn the seminary scriptures?
Want your missionary to
     be better prepared for the mission field?
Do you want to remember
     scriptures, quotes and more?
Then you want Scriptorian!

Scriptorian is a software program that helps you memorize and remember scriptures- and much more. It is powerful and flexible enough to meet the needs of any adult, yet easy enough to use that a child can learn the Articles of Faith.
To learn more about some of it's features, click here or you can take the Scriptorian Tour.
However, like most things, the best way to learn about Scriptorian is to use it. And you can do that for free...

Try it for free
You can try Scriptorian for free and see for yourself what a powerful learning tool it is.
Click here to download your copy of Scriptorian.

More free downloads
One of the great features of Scriptorian is that you can use it to memorize and learn more than scriptures. We have set up a collection of Scriptorian study lists and libraries which are freely available for download. Visit our download area to see what is there and to suggest other items you may be interested in.

Registered Owners
If you are a registered owner of Scriptorian, you can always update to the latest code from the Registered Users page.

Questions? Comments? Let us know!
If you can't find answers to your questions on our web site, you can always send us an e-mail.
We are in the process of updating our web site, so let us know whether or not you like what you see.

The School of Abraham officially recommends Scriptorian as effective homeschooling software for memorization and scripture study.

So what do our users think of Scriptorian?

"I can honestly say that Scriptorian is the best software purchase I have ever made... Your program is truly magnificent! Thank you so much."

"I LOVE Scriptorian... it's GREAT for our homeschooling use and I love it as an appropriate Sabbath afternoon activity"

"Thanks again for such a superior product. Scriptorian should be mandatory for each and every LDS home with a computer!"

"Your program has been absolutely amazing. I have learned so much so quickly."

"This program is great! I have been using Scripture Mastery with my seminary class, but although it is "fun" it doesn't really help them memorize. In less than a week I am very very familiar with the scriptures for this year..."

"Kids love it. It has helped them to learn their Articles of Faith and taught them new words and how to spell them. I use it to learn my medical words as well as scripture."

"I am a Seminary teacher, with my own two teenagers in my class, and they are the champs at Scripture Mastery because of your program. Thank You!"

"I just downloaded the free thirty day trial and I want to tell you that in ten minutes I am hooked.... I learned a scriptures in a hundredth of the time it took me before and in a hundredth of the effort. "

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