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February 2005
    * Special discount for subscribers; help request
    * New free download: Windows update and new study lists
    * How To: Foreign language characters
    * Tips: Registering Palm Scriptorian
    * Memorization Tips: Memorization Skills

December 2004
    * Again, Thank You
    * New free download: Windows update and new study lists
    * How To: Scriptorian and Sequence Lists
    * Tips: Save Your Information
    * Memorization Tips: In Defense of Memorization

October 2004
    * Sashiburi
    * New free download: Windows update and new study list
    * How To: Scriptorian CSV File Format
    * Tips: Tips for using CSV format
    * Memorization Tips: Memory Exercises

December 2003
    * Thank You and Happy Holidays
    * New free download: Giving Service Topic study list
    * How To: Linx options in Chase and Quote It
    * Tips: Some are more right than others
    * Memorization Tips: Remembering What You Read

November 2003
    * Scriptorian Survey, Holiday Special
    * New free download: Gratitude Topic study list
    * How To: Of Libraries and Study Lists
    * Tips: Lesson preparation
    * Memorization Tips: A Story

October 2003
    * Holiday Special, Updated Demo Software
    * New free download: Top 100, Windows Update
    * How To: Font Size and Tool bars
    * Tips: Chase Chapter Only
    * Memorization Tips: Associations

September 2003
    * Seminary discount pricing
    * New free download: Multiplication
    * How To: Study Item weighting feature
    * Tips: Searching Help
    * Memorization Tips: 2Know Software

August 2003
    * Scriptorian Tour
    * New free download: My Gospel Standards
    * How To: Vocabulary List Case Study
    * Tips: Modifying Verses
    * Memorization Tips: Memorization Skills

July 2003
    * Scriptorian 3.0 released: discount continued 5 days
    * New free download: Holy Ghost
    * How To: Additional new features
    * Tips: Registering Palm Scriptorian
    * Memorization Tips: Using Scriptorian to learn and remember

April 2003
    * Scriptorian Beta
    * Free downloads: Windows and Palm Scriptorian Beta
    * How To: Using new features
    * Tips: Giving feedback
    * Memorization Tips: From short to long memory

August/September 2002
    * Scriptorian Applet
    * Free downloads: User homework lists
    * How To: Linx Templates
    * Tips: Be prepared
    * Memorization Tips: Retention tips

July 2002
    * Scriptorian for Mac now available
    * Free downloads: Updated Top 100,
    * How To: Creating Linx
    * Tips: Daily Exercise
    * Memorization Tips: Concentration and awareness

May/June 2002
    * IAMLDS Scriptorian Review
    * Free downloads: Final Book of Mormon Chapters
    * How To: Linx Introduction
    * Tips: Missionary Preparation
    * Memorization Tips: Elaboration and Association

April 2002
    * Quote
    * Free downloads: 3 and 4 Nephi
    * How To: Chase Modes
    * Tips: Learn your lines
    * Memorization Tips: Learning the Peg System

March 2002
    * LDSReference review
    * Free downloads: Helaman, Peg Words
    * How To: Quote It Modes
    * Tips: Memorizing Words to Music
    * Memorization Tips: Using the Peg System

January/February 2002
    * New Free downloads
    * How To: Study List Options
    * Tips: Scripture Marking
    * Memorization Tips: Peg System

December 2001
    * Happy Holidays!
    * Free download: Peace
    * How To: Study List Weighting
    * Tips: Study List for Many
    * Memorization Tips: Memorization Approach

November 2001
    * News: Mac Beta Update, Holiday Savings
    * Free download: Top 100
    * How To: What's This?
    * Tips: Online Scriptures
    * Memorization Tips: Creativity tips

October 2001
    * News: Holiday Special, Product Update
    * Free downloads: Mosiah summary
    * How To: Windows Cut and Paste
    * Tips: Application Switching
    * Memorization Tips: Acrostic Method

September 2001
    * Quote: Sister Scriptorians
    * Free downloads: Book of Mormon summaries, LDSTeach updates
    * How To: Running Pop Up
    * Tips: Verse Look Up
    * Memorization Tips: Retention tips

July/August 2001
    * News: MissionaryWorld review, back to school special
    * Free downloads: 1 Nephi, Charity
    * How To: Pop Up options
    * Tips: Registration information
    * Memorization Tips: Keys to learning

June 2001
    * News: BellaOnLine
    * Free downloads: Scripturian scrolls
    * How To: Print out for family, class
    * Tips: Study List window information
    * Memorization Tips: General techniques

May 2001
    * News: School of Abraham
    * Free downloads: HT/VT, Updated Top 100
    * How To: Preferences for different users
    * Tips: Save your files
    * Memorization Tips: Learning styles and mnemonics

March/April 2001
    * News: Beta for Macintosh Version
    * Free downloads: "For the Strength of Youth"
    * How To: 3x5 Card Printing
    * Tips: Quote It and Long Text
    * Memorization Tips: Numeric Link Method with Scriptures

February 2001
    * News: Quote and Survey
    * Free downloads: Declarations
    * How To: Printing basics
    * Tips: Study List sorting
    * Memorization Tips: Easy Link Methods

January 2001
    * News: Help with new version
    * Free download: Top 100 Scriptures
    * How To: Copy between study lists
    * Tips: Spelling words
    * Memorization Tips: Steps to Remembering

November/December 2000
    * News: Holiday Offer, LDSWorld-Gems Recommendation
    * Free Downloads: Family Proclamation and Hope
    * How To: Libraries
    * Tips: Learning vocabulary
    * Memorization Tips: More general tips

October 2000
    * News: Store locator
    * Free Downloads: Youth lists
    * How To: Adding new study items to a study list
    * Tips: Using Quote It without typing
    * Memorization Tips: More general tips

September 2000
    * News: First "regular" newsletter, Scriptorian on CD
    * Free Downloads: Faith and Missionary Discussions
    * How To: Creating your own study lists
    * Tips: Adjusting Quote It to meet your needs
    * Memorization Tips: Some general tips

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