What is Scriptorian?

Scriptorian is a computer program designed to help you memorize scriptures and remember where they are found. But that is not all. If you can describe it in words, Scriptorian can help you memorize it and remember it. This means that you and your family can use it to learn and memorize favorite quotes, patriarchal blessings, the scout motto, hymns, poems, missionary lessons, and so forth.
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Use Quote It to help you memorize scriptures. You can fill in the blanks or enter all the words. There is even a special learn mode to help you get started with new verses.
Chase will help you remember where the verses are using either multiple choice or fill in mode.
If you are at the computer a lot, Scriptorian's Pop Up mode can quiz you at regular intervals throughout the day.
The full LDS Scripture set is included for easy access to any scripture you want to learn. Ready to use study lists for seminary scripture mastery verses and the Articles of Faith are also included.
You choose what you want to learn. You can use Scriptorian's study lists or create your own.
Includes a tutorial to help you get started and extensive helps to keep you going.

"Scriptorian is incredibly customizable, and really allows you to tailor
a scripture-memorizing program that will work best for you."

   LDSWorld-Gems Recommendation (to read the full review, click here)

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Some more points of interest and information....
Scriptorian is a powerful and versatile tool. From the Old Testament scholar to the child learning the Articles of Faith, Scriptorian is a useful companion to help you remember and learn the things that are important. Seminary students and missionary candidates will find Scriptorian to be a valuable tool to assist them in their studies.

If you are not sure that there is much value in memorizing the scriptures, we invite you to take a moment to consider these thoughts.

Scriptorian is not a colorful multimedia computer program that tries to entertain you while you learn. It is designed to be quick and efficient in accomplishing its purpose of helping you remember and memorize. It is intended to be used frequently, but not necessarily for extended periods of time. Use Scriptorian a little bit each day and you will notice a real difference in your ability to remember the things you want to remember.

Scriptorian works from study lists. A study list identifies the scriptures or other items you want to learn. A study list may contain many items, or only a few. There is no limit to the number of study lists you can create. A study list for a primary child might include only the Articles of Faith (see our Free Articles of Faith demo version). If you hear or read a particular quotation or verse of scripture that you want to memorize and remember, add it to your study list, and let Scriptorian help you learn it. Scriptorian comes with study lists ready for you to use, but the real benefit is that you can create your own, personal, study lists to learn what you want. This flexibility is what separates Scriptorian from similar programs.

Quote It and Chase are the features in Scriptorian that help you learn. Quote It helps you with memorization. You "quote" the scriptures by typing them into the Quote It window. Quote It will check as you type and provide helps and hints as you request them. (See Tips & Tricks for non-typing use of Quote It.) The Chase feature helps you remember scripture references. It is like Quote It in reverse. Although primarily designed for scripture references, it can be used in other ways to help you remember many different things. For example, you could set up a study list with vocabulary words, state capitols, and so forth, and use Chase to help you make the matches.

Scriptorian's Pop Up mode enables you to use Scriptorian frequently and conveniently by "popping up" Quote It and/or Chase windows at set intervals. This can be particularly helpful to people who work at the computer for extended periods of time and want to take a few minutes every now and then to memorize scriptures. In Pop Up mode, Scriptorian becomes a gentle and convenient reminder to learn the scriptures.

Despite its versatility and power, Scriptorian is easy to use. For those features that may not be easily understood, a useful on-line help system is included to guide you through any difficulties you may encounter.

From the scholar studying the Old Testament to the child learning the Articles of Faith, Scriptorian is a useful tool to help you remember and learn. But don't just take our word for it, see what others are saying about Scriptorian.

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